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Applications Localization Platform & Translation service tool - FREE!

Translate your application into multiple languages with your app's users for free! Maximize the number of people who can install and use your translated app. It's simple, just a few steps as shown below.

Upload sources

You just uploading your app's localization sources in XML or zipped format! After that you can easily download it translated!

Share it!

Share our short link to your app or invite your users for collective translation into any language


Also, users find your app and make a translation. Finally our system combines many translated versions into best one

How it works

Many people who use their favorite applications are ready to help the developer to improve it, in particular, to help translate into different languages. The main thing for this is to provide this opportunity. It's important that the opportunity to help the developer with the translations make it the most convenient and pleasant. That is why we created this platform.

Add your app


You upload the string sources of any languages that you have


Share the link to the application translation page


Translate the application with people from all over the world


Download only the best rating-based translation

Why is it so great?

First of all, it is free and will always be free. Anyone can take part in the translation of the application or add their own apps for translation. Currently 528 languages are available

Always free

The service is free because this platform is designed to work together on the translation of applications and texts


We are constantly working to improve our quality of translation platform and want to hear feedback from our users


On the Contacts page, anyone can ask the developers a question, report an error or request a new features